What Are The Secrets to More Facebook Page Likes?

Getting more Likes to your Facebook Page involves making people aware that it exists. Today we will cover how you achieve that so you can increase your Page Likes and be a rock star.

Serving a section 21 notice -  It is great if your existing site has decent traffic to it because you can encourage them to like your fan page.

Your visitors can vote with a ‘like’ right on your site and stay there, too. The Like Box Builder Tool allows you to customize the whole look and feel of your box, right from the size to the color scheme to the number connections that you want to display. The next time you are logged into Facebook, take a look at all they offer for putting scripts on your site to make it all much more convenient. But there is more because you can also add a like function that places your content in the feed for the person who did the like. The more fans you get, the more traffic and exposure – all good stuff.

There is all kinds of media you should use to market your fan page. The most important thing here is to test your media that you choose to use. Approach this almost like direct mail in that you want to break even as much as possible. Other avenues include promoting to your email list and talking about it in your ezine. This is when your efforts to cultivate a strong relationship with your subscribers will pay off. You should also consider adding a link to your Fan page in your email signature so that it is sent out each time you send out an email.

Section 21 – Naturally everybody is integrating Facebook, except Google, but anyway… smart phones are Facebook friendly. It is acceptable to text smart phone users updates about your fan page and increasing awareness of it. Spread the word via your Facebook Badge placed on any site of yours, and that can make people curious about your page. You just need to leverage as many channels as possible to get the word out about your Page.

Have a willingness to market your Facebook Page as aggressively as you can, and that is the only way to get results.

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Article Writing Tips To Capture Targeted Traffic

All experienced IM marketers know full well how important excellent content can be to marketing. There is so much garbage and misleading content on the web, and that’s why excellent content has so much of a demand. The most often-seen method for getting content online is through article publishing. Even though this strategy might sound too simple to work, it really does, and can give great results on the long term.

Articles can be used in many ways including backlinks, traffic, and SEO on websites. When you know how to write quality articles for the Internet audience, half the battle is won. Let’s move forward and talk about a few tips for your article writing that will increase their impact on the web.

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You must realize your purpose for writing the article in the first place. You need to be very clear about the purpose of your article and what it is about. As long as you can do this, you will always create good content for the internet. Just know that writing articles for the net is different than just writing any article. This is when you’ll grab the reader’s focus and then lead them through the article, helping him along the way. That is why the first paragraph should be used explicitly for explaining what the reader can expect. Most article writers present an issue and then offer ways to get rid of that issue. Readers will then have reasons to read it and they’ll better understand what you’re talking about.

An important tip that you need to remember when writing content for the web is to remember to make it easy for your readers to consume your information. You need to break down your information in the best possible manner for the readers to understand and find your articles useful. Be sure to follow a logic in your article and use sentences and paragraphs that are not too long. Your readers will find that the short paragraphs are clearer and easier to follow. There’s a common standard or guideline to have no more than 5 sentences in your paragraphs.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about this on the 11 forgotten laws showcase.

Make the reader feel comfortable. You’re not writing about science, after all, you’re trying to help people. Your content should be short and sweet and should be void of huge words. If you must use big words, tell people what they mean before you go on to something else. Put another way, people will not read your content if they don’t feel at ease. Writing and producing quality content calls for a number of important considerations. The best way to produce good articles is to constantly work on improving your skills. Consistent practice with your writing, plus studying other authors. Keep in mind you can avoid embarrassment by simply proof reading your articles, or anything you write, before you publish it. With writing, there really are no shortcuts, and if you’re willing to dedicate yourself and work at it, then you’ll be fine.

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Automate Your Video Creation

Everyone is trying to find the quick and easy way to generate high number of backlinks and targeted traffic – right? For quite some time now, Video has been a big part of successful web 2.0 style marketing campaigns. The only problem is that video creation and the editing process can be pretty cumbersome and slow to do yourself and costly to outsource.

But now there is a way that you can eliminate all of the headaches of video creation and automate nearly 100% of the process. I’m not just talking about reducing the publication and submission process like what Tubemogul does. No, what I’m talking about is a push-button creation of your video in a matter of less than 5 minutes of your time and then have it submitted out to 17 video sites as well.

I’ve been a long time user of Article Marketing, especially via tools like MyArticleNetwork or Unique Article Wizard – they are incredibly powerful content spinners that produce high quality articles (not some machine generated crap that nobody will read). Besides that they distribute those unique content articles out to thousands of blogs and you have a great recipe for generating hundreds of links. But recently I was introduced to this product – Article Video Robot – that allows you to take your article marketing efforts to a whole new level.

I was really impressed with just how little effort was required to produce these videos. Article Video Robot (use coupon code D68687EB to save 50% – must use this link to Article Video Robot) uses a special type of text to speech conversion technology to transform an article into a video. The end result is an almost completely automatic solution to video creation with high quality content that you have already written! The out of the box configuration is already very good, but you can also tweak it further with your own image selection and custom logos as well. There are also several options to control the speed of the video and also layout and configuration options as well. The program even allows you to directly import your article from ezinearticles.com so if you’ve got a bunch up there already it even automates that process for you. Lastly, it will even submit the video off to 17 different popular video sites for you. And for those that want total control, you can always choose to simply download the video and edit it yourself and even submit it to additional video sites via tools like Traffic Geyser and Tubemogul.

This is a tremendous one-two punch – massive article distribution – followed up with mass video distribution – all from the same set of core content! Use a combination of these tools for your next link building campaign – you won’t be disappointed. Both the article spinners and publication systems and the video creation software have monthly expenses, but they are both very affordable and will more than pay for themselves within the very first month with increased traffic and sales.  Don’t forget to use the coupon code above for Article Video Robot and read a review here: http://articlesubmissionreview.com/video-marketing/article-video-robot-review.

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Contextual link building is crucial for blogs?

Contextual link building is about developing link programs and in addition as visitors. The visitors towards website can read the link prior to clicking onto the primary page. The principal profit of contextual link building is always that it brings guests for which the website has been developed for in lieu of developing traffic. Contextual link building also results in an interest amongst website consumers who would check out the site out of curiosity. Contextual link building also further aids website users to actual go to your site using the intention of reading the content material.

Search engines obtain benefit too by way of contextual link building. Via contextual building, research engines can analyze the articles and registers accordingly. Contextual link building may possibly be employed in various forms including articles or blog posts, adverts, websites, blogs and forum signatures as an example.

Content articles can gain a lot of attention by way of contextual link building. Contextual link building can help readers to acquire an insight in regards to what is due. Furthermore it attracts the targeted traffic that you have in mind plus give reader�s the expertise to browse by means of posts to obtain the info that they’re following.

Adverts also can advantage through contextual link building. Contextual link building is not restricted to articles or composed form of communication. Need to you have a text based advert, contextual link building is ideal. By using attractive key phrases and enough details the specific audience might be attracted.

By utilizing contextual link building for websites, it can keep attracting site visitors for your site. By employing eye catching words or pictures you could make individuals stay on your website longer. This will help you to marketplace your products simply. This may also generate a strong relationship among the users and your site.

Contextual link building is also essential for blogs. When a question is getting left by a blogger, the answer might be typed like a contractual link. This may generate a specific audience. The a lot more leads you get, the a lot more web site visitors you create for the blog. Forum signatures may also use contextual link building as being a tool to produce visitors. This creates a forum for forums plus the popularity will improve.

Here are some positive aspects one can benefit from using contextual link building; the foremost and foremost fact is that it creates visitors for the website. People become conscious of your website hence reputation increases. Via search engines, the visibility of your site will boost.  Permits you saves money moreover to time. Furthermore your website gets enough exposure.

Contextual link building is a good application for website owners and must be employed in a manner in which it turns out to be beneficial. If used effectively, it can bring about traffic as effectively as help 1 to industry your solutions. The composed content however ought to be effectively written and accurate so you bring about the targeted traffic.


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Contextual link building is a great tool for website owners?

Contextual link building is all about creating link programs and as properly as specific traffic. The website visitors towards website can read the link just before clicking onto the major page. The major profit of contextual link building is that it brings visitors for which the website has been created for instead of just developing internet site visitors. Contextual link building also produces an interest amongst website users who would go to the site out of curiosity. Contextual link building also further assists website users to actual go to your site with the intention of reading the articles.

Seek engines obtain gain too by means of contextual link building. By way of contextual building, research engines can analyze the content material and registers accordingly. Contextual link building might be utilized in numerous forms as an example posts, adverts, websites, blogs and forum signatures for starters.

Articles or blog posts can obtain a lot of attention by way of contextual link building. Contextual link building aids readers to get an insight to what is coming. Moreover it attracts the specific visitors that you’ve in mind plus give reader�s the knowledge to browse via articles to obtain the info that they’re after.

Adverts may also advantage by means of contextual link building. Contextual link building isn’t restricted to articles articles or composed form of communication. For those who have a text based advert, contextual link building is ideal. By making use of appealing key phrases and adequate info the specific audience may be attracted.

By using contextual link building for websites, it can keep attracting guests to your site. By utilizing eye catching words or pictures you could make people stay on your website longer. This should support you to market place your products very easily. This will also develop a strong relationship between the consumers and your site.

Contextual link building is also crucial for blogs. When a question is being left by a blogger, the answer might be typed like a contractual link. This will likely develop a specific audience. The far more leads you get, the much more targeted traffic you generate for the blog. Forum signatures can also use contextual link building as a device to create specific traffic. This generates a forum for forums likewise as the recognition will increase.

Areas positive aspects one can usually advantage from using contextual link building; the very first and foremost truth is that it produces targeted traffic towards the website. Folks notice your website hence reputation increases. Via lookup engines, the visibility of your site will improve.  Enables that you saves money moreover to time. Additionally your website gets adequate exposure.

Contextual link building is a fantastic tool for website owners and need to be employed in a manner in which it proves becoming useful. If used effectively, it can bring about internet site visitors along with assist you to market your offerings. The content material nonetheless needs to be well composed and accurate so that you bring about the targeted traffic.


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Building and managing an opt in list for a website

Building and coping with an opt in list for a website

Creating and managing an opt in list for a web site offers a seller direct entry to a wide number of potential customers. Making and coping with an opt in list makes use of a system that makes it achievable for web page visitors to fill up an online type in order to sign up for the latest goods and providers supplied by an online internet site.

Constructing and managing an opt in list is commonly practiced by numerous internet sites over the internet to maximize their visibility about the world wide web. Developing and managing an opt in list is also a proven marketing method that numerous business websites use once more and again to maintain loyal visitors updated within the latest solutions obtainable from their favorite e-store.

Constructing and managing an opt in list can be useful for sites that offer news, technology and various forms of facts on diverse subject matters. Visitors that sign up at their preferred website’s opt in list can receive updates on merchandise and companies supplied by the web page. Moreover the subscriber gains access to the site’s normal ezine or newsletter.

The opt-in mailing list provided by a web site is not spam, it can be a legitimate sign up plan for individuals sincerely interested in a very website’s goods and solutions. No one is incorporated from the opt-in mailing list without prior consent.

Gathering email addresses for constructing and taking care of an opt in list

A quantity of free of charge listing products and services are available online to gather email addresses for any website’s opt in list. On the other hand quite a few of these cost-free list providers cannot be personalized to suit a distinct site. In addition, the free of charge service list has the selection of shutting down a website’s list at whatever time they select to do so.

A greater technique for creating and managing an opt in list begins with a great script for kind processing. The script enables a subscriber to fill in the form and send it in to a specific address. The info is then processed and integrated in a very database file.
Following that, the website can send a personalized reply to the subscriber to thank them for their membership to the internet site.

The on the internet form to be filled up by a customer can also be customized to fit the format of a particular web page. You will find a quantity of websites that offer form-processing scripts wherein the commonly cost price of your fine script is about $30.

A pop email account ought to be created about the website’s server in order to accommodate the influx of subscription requests. Email templates will also make the practice of handling membership request less difficult and quicker. This will consist of an email template for subscription requests and feasible requests from subscribers that want to unsubscribe from the Site opt in list. The method to unsubscribe helps construct trust between the web site visitor plus the web page.

Developing and coping with an opt in list databases

Creating a databases is essential in creating and coping with an opt in list for an internet site. You’ll find a amount of repository programs presented on the net that can guide procedure the facts sent in for subscriptions. Once the repository is set up, a mailing list needs to be generated. This method is crucial to creating and taking care of an choose list that may continually practice subscription requests from web page visitors.

A repository program will automatically enable a web site to attend to all the details involved in developing and managing an opt in list. At the same time, quick entry to a subscriber’s individual details enables a website to send personalized messages to a unique subscriber at any time.

You definitely should make contact with a direct marketing corporation when you really want to take your internet marketing to the next degree. Numerous firms market opt-in email lists that are ready to go out of the box. Quite a few organizations have filters on their lists such as age, income, and gender therefore you can better target your prospect. A homeowner list or a construction leads list are good examples of these. Despite the fact that opt-in homeowner leads are getting more and more well-liked, be sure the list you rent or purchase is opt-in. By utilizing these pre-built opt-in lists, you possibly can harvest the responses and add them to your own email marketing lists and exponentially increase your on-line marketing efforts.

Making and taking care of an opt in list subscriber base
Sites can employ a number of techniques for constructing and controlling an opt in list subscriber base. Putting up incentives are a wonderful come on for developing and managing an opt in list. Offering a cost-free gift too as providing totally free providers with each membership is really a great approach for developing and controlling an opt in list. On the net contests are also a very well-liked way of obtaining people to join a website opt-in list. Also, prizes which are related to the website’s content also help generate interest in the other solutions and products and services offered by the website.

Keep in mind, creating and taking care of an opt in list may be the ideal and simplest selection to raise internet site traffic.

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Link Building Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rank

If there’s any aspect of SEO that is indispensable it is getting links, or sometimes just called: backlinking. A lot of marketers dream of being ranked number one and getting volumes of traffic, and if that’s you then backlinking is your main ticket. Let’s face it, the Internet is growing at a massive speed and tons of websites are being launched every single day, which is why it’s necessary to keep your site ahead of the competition by creating backlinks that count. One hallmark blunder made by newbies is purposely backlinking to bad neighborhoods. But if you plan out a link building campaign that has every little piece in place, then you can overtime improve your search engine ranking and also get a higher Google Page Rank. When you do this, seriously, you’re looking for organic traffic; but it is possible to slowly develop a stream of visitors from the links.

We strongly advise against doing any link exchanges or reciprocal backlinking because they do not have the weight they once had. Here are some suggestions for building your links, and they are not rocket science either. More tips and strategies can be find it in this new system called Guru Siphon Formula of Josh Denning and Eddy Croft.

Relevance is the key to high quality backlinks. Have you ever visited a site that has links for other websites that are not related to the page’s content/theme/topic in any way? When someone searches for whatever in the search engines, they need to only get sites that are relevant for their search keywords, right? Search engines tie that into links because they give more weight to a link that is from a relevant site. It’s good to mix up your link sources to look natural, anyway, so get all the links you can – just avoid bad neighborhoods completely. However, it will be worth your time to always try to backlink from relevant sources. An extremely powerful way to get high quality backlinks to your site is to make use of the article directories. These article directories are seen as “authority websites” by Google and turn out to be a great, no cost way to grow your link popularity. Every article you publish with a directory can include at least one link to your site in the resource box, and some directories even allow links within the article itself. Submitting articles to directories will get you some visitors who read your article on the directory site, as well as search engine traffic from the backlinks. This is also content you’ve created, so you can use it to your best advantage. Remember to visit my post of Guru Siphon Formula system and you will find powerfull techniques on internet marketing.

There are a lot of IM marketers who routinely submit to directories for backlinking and traffic power. Don’t bother about the time and tedious effort required to do this, it’s worth it for a lot of reasons. How do you find them? Google or other search engines of course, and be sure to look for relevant directories, too. There is no reason why you can’t achieve the search engine rankings you want, if you put in the effort. If you apply these techniques with consistency, you will soon see the results in your search engine ranking.

Resources: ClickBank Wealth Formula

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Find Out Why Video Marketing is the Wave of the Future

Videos went through a sea change when Youtube entered into the market a few years ago. It’s no surprise that online marketers looked at this as just another opportunity. Didn’t take long before videos started being used for marketing purposes.

If people didn’t want video, then none of this would be possible. Good videos that contain all the right elements will convert better than plain text. Video is versatile because you can build your branding power as well as customer relationships. Many online marketers are leveraging video marketing and are seeing convincing results.

Let’s discuss some of the amazing benefits of video marketing.

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Video marketing, done right, can and will make you an expert on your chosen topic and drastically increase your traffic with little to no out of pocket monetary expense. Although video marketing will never become oversaturated, it will become more competitive so now is the best time to get involved so you can become an expert video marketer and be light-years ahead of other marketers. Once people in your niche start to recognize you they will grow to trust you. Yes, people are always looking for an expert to take advice from and it can be you. It even reaches a point where all an expert has to do is put their name on something or endorse it and the product will sell thousands of copies, sometimes more. And this can only be done by giving them high quality content through your video. Businesses will tell you that it’s tough to create a solid branded image. There is serious marketing and advertising roar out there, so you need to stand-out, be noticed, be unique, etc. You can effectively use videos to gain people’s attention, and you have to work to keep it, though. Your videos will contain content appropriate for the end result you want. This creates a strong bond between you and your viewer, and they end up visiting your site again and again. If you do this enough, your market will soon know who you are, they’ll recognize your brand.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about it at this Confidential Conversions page.

Last but not the least, video marketing gives you scope to experiment and try new things. It should never be a problem to create new video content, and it’s no problem to track your results. Slow and steady, you will get better at understanding your target audience and creating better videos. Don’t forget, if you are new to this and want to see respectable results without having to spend much then this is your ticket. Video marketing can be integrated into your business to take it to the next level. Video marketing is here to stay so get in and ride the wave.

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Is SEO Worth The Effort?

Businesses who are looking to increase their profit margin by finding more customers online have to either learn how to do SEO for themselves, or look into hiring someone to do it professionally for them. Unfortunately, SEO isn’t like Pay Per Click; you do need to spend quite a bit of time doing consistent optimization, both on page and off page. Off page is what matters, particularly building backlinks. There is no way to speed it up. 

Let’s clear up one of the misconceptions about SEO upfront: it shouldn’t be the main focus of your marketing efforts. SEO is used for one thing and one thing only and that’s getting more interested visitors to your website. If you don’t have a clear offer on your website, then you’re doing your marketing backwards. Make sure that your USP is present and that you’re putting all your marketing efforts into the message your website puts across before even considering doing SEO.

If you want to expedite the backlink collecting process, then you might want to look into a tool like SEO Link Vine. I’m actually using this tool at the moment, seeing just how effective it is. I’m limiting myself to only writing for an hour a day. In that hour, I write a fresh article about SEO, rewrite each paragraph separately, put my links in then submit it to the system. Over the course of the month, it gets published 30 times on average, meaning I get about 90 backlinks per article. I write 5 articles per week, that means I get 1800 backlinks per article, on average.

If you need upfront income, do not rely on SEO. SEO should only be an add on after you’ve got a well established business that has a bit of extra income you can sink into hiring someone to write articles for you on a daily basis. Having said that, if you don’t have the funds, if you can spare an hour a day, you can easily build up the SEO for your website. Just make sure the topic you write about is something you’re passionate about and that you can write quickly about.

I forgot to mention one negative point about SEO Link Vine: it has a monthly membership fee. Unless you’re willing to shell out $67 a month, you might consider looking into a different SEO option, such as software submission with the 30 Minute Backlinks method.

Still, there is nothing wrong with using SEO Link Vine to rank for keywords, especially if you’re looking for a cost effective solution as a business. Some “premium SEO firms” charge as much as $1.5K to make sure your business goes on the first page for a collection of keywords, but they will eventually drop off over time.

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Article Spinners – Which one’s best for your needs?

As your probably already know article rewriting is tiresome, tedious and really should not end up being carried out manually. The reality is it takes a heck of a lot longer to think about alternative words, phrases and in many cases entire sentences on your own that it does to make use of an article spinner that will help you and provide you other possibilities.

After all the main point of software is to help make things a lot easier!

Another bonus of investing in a good article spinner is you no longer have to go back over the content several times checking to be certain you’ve got every one of the syntax right (you know the annoying brackets and lines everywhere that really look like a whole mess).

Final huge advantage is the huge time saving your getting. Once i began using article spinners (even the basic ones) it meant i could put out two or three articles in the same time ıt had been taking me to only write one.

But enough about the benefits, as in any case your in need of article spinners and so if you were anything much like me are simply fed up of the whole manual approach.

Let’s talk a little more about the options….

1). You stick with word, notepad or office and keep spinning that content manually!

2). You test, try to look for the best free spinning software on the market without any virus’s, bugs and that actually does help and not just look all nice!

3). You invest just a little into a robust article spinner and don’t look back again…

Now option 1 has been taken out of the question simply by you being here today looking for an article spinner as you already realize just how much it sucks doing the work without the assistance of just about any software.

Option 2 is feasible but time consuming, personally i have tried 7 different free article spinning programs and services (both web based and software) and with all of the upsell’s extras and addons you must buy to ensure they are work or just the lack of an appropriate alternative dictionary to really make it quicker is utterly annoying. As well the guys who make them really do sometimes suck and i wound up waiting weeks before they fixed an error i had (no support).

Option 3. Yep you guessed it this is really your best option. However i don’t want you to feel like im here to take money from your pocket and then sell you some crap! In fact i don’t want any of your money because this article spinner is god!

But what exactly is it? Well just visit the article spinners website to find out!

Click -> Article Spinners Website! <- Click

Oh and almost forgot there’s also a free gift there too to help you with your spinning efforts (which ever option you decide on).

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