Is SEO Worth The Effort?

Businesses who are looking to increase their profit margin by finding more customers online have to either learn how to do SEO for themselves, or look into hiring someone to do it professionally for them. Unfortunately, SEO isn’t like Pay Per Click; you do need to spend quite a bit of time doing consistent optimization, both on page and off page. Off page is what matters, particularly building backlinks. There is no way to speed it up. 

Let’s clear up one of the misconceptions about SEO upfront: it shouldn’t be the main focus of your marketing efforts. SEO is used for one thing and one thing only and that’s getting more interested visitors to your website. If you don’t have a clear offer on your website, then you’re doing your marketing backwards. Make sure that your USP is present and that you’re putting all your marketing efforts into the message your website puts across before even considering doing SEO.

If you want to expedite the backlink collecting process, then you might want to look into a tool like SEO Link Vine. I’m actually using this tool at the moment, seeing just how effective it is. I’m limiting myself to only writing for an hour a day. In that hour, I write a fresh article about SEO, rewrite each paragraph separately, put my links in then submit it to the system. Over the course of the month, it gets published 30 times on average, meaning I get about 90 backlinks per article. I write 5 articles per week, that means I get 1800 backlinks per article, on average.

If you need upfront income, do not rely on SEO. SEO should only be an add on after you’ve got a well established business that has a bit of extra income you can sink into hiring someone to write articles for you on a daily basis. Having said that, if you don’t have the funds, if you can spare an hour a day, you can easily build up the SEO for your website. Just make sure the topic you write about is something you’re passionate about and that you can write quickly about.

I forgot to mention one negative point about SEO Link Vine: it has a monthly membership fee. Unless you’re willing to shell out $67 a month, you might consider looking into a different SEO option, such as software submission with the 30 Minute Backlinks method.

Still, there is nothing wrong with using SEO Link Vine to rank for keywords, especially if you’re looking for a cost effective solution as a business. Some “premium SEO firms” charge as much as $1.5K to make sure your business goes on the first page for a collection of keywords, but they will eventually drop off over time.

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