What Are The Secrets to More Facebook Page Likes?

Getting more Likes to your Facebook Page involves making people aware that it exists. Today we will cover how you achieve that so you can increase your Page Likes and be a rock star.

Serving a section 21 notice -  It is great if your existing site has decent traffic to it because you can encourage them to like your fan page.

Your visitors can vote with a ‘like’ right on your site and stay there, too. The Like Box Builder Tool allows you to customize the whole look and feel of your box, right from the size to the color scheme to the number connections that you want to display. The next time you are logged into Facebook, take a look at all they offer for putting scripts on your site to make it all much more convenient. But there is more because you can also add a like function that places your content in the feed for the person who did the like. The more fans you get, the more traffic and exposure – all good stuff.

There is all kinds of media you should use to market your fan page. The most important thing here is to test your media that you choose to use. Approach this almost like direct mail in that you want to break even as much as possible. Other avenues include promoting to your email list and talking about it in your ezine. This is when your efforts to cultivate a strong relationship with your subscribers will pay off. You should also consider adding a link to your Fan page in your email signature so that it is sent out each time you send out an email.

Section 21 – Naturally everybody is integrating Facebook, except Google, but anyway… smart phones are Facebook friendly. It is acceptable to text smart phone users updates about your fan page and increasing awareness of it. Spread the word via your Facebook Badge placed on any site of yours, and that can make people curious about your page. You just need to leverage as many channels as possible to get the word out about your Page.

Have a willingness to market your Facebook Page as aggressively as you can, and that is the only way to get results.

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